The Committee

What is the committee?

Preschool 345 is run by a group of parents and carers who volunteer to be on the committee. Members of the committee are trustees of Preschool 345 and are jointly responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the setting as a charity.

What they do?

Members of the committee attend meetings once every half-term and participate in decision-making. Some members take-on the specific roles of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Digital communications secretary. Other members of the committee take on responsibilities as they arise.  Staff members Tina and Trudi also attend all committee meetings.  We also have a fund raising meeting at the start of the year, where we sketch out what we will do in the up coming year.

How you can join?

Any parent or carer can join the committee and we encourage anyone who would like to get involved in any capacity to contact us and find out more. New committee members are officially nominated at our AGM in November. However, anyone who is interested in joining the committee is invited to attend meetings at any time. We are a friendly group always looking for new volunteers who can give as little or as much time as they are able.

Our current committee

Lois Aldred – Chair

Ruth Brown – Teasurer

Stephanie Metson-Scott – Secretary